19 June, 2009

Home Visit: VERITY Rienzi/ASR Emitter I. Part 2.

Home Visit: VERITY Rienzi/ASR Emitter I Exclusive (Blue Light)(2 batteries). Part 2.

This is a return visit. Months had passed since my last visit. During this time, much run-in had been accomplished. As importantly, Sang ditched some of the old cables he was using.

Following Danz, Sang acquired a Sonic Frontier SFD-II MkII. Now Gotham speaker cables are used and the sound was already a major improvment!

I asked to listen to the Accustics Arts CDP, and was once again disappointed. It was better than last time, but still quite missed the mark. It did not have the full command, the articulation and musicality of the old SF DAC. Despite the expense of the CDP, it is now relegated to the role of transport! How much has digital improve, we again ask?

A little cable rolling was done. Everyone agreed my cheap DIY Mogami digital cable was superior to the much more expensive Sommer cable. Duh!

Indeed with the Mogami installed, sound approached neutrality to me and we spent more time just listening to music. We listened to this excellent Vivaldi CD. I have long been a fan of Carmignola, but it's gratifying to see Mullova (due to visit HK) to be as sure a hand in the period style. The interaction is sheer joy. Sound was splendid (as heard through SFD2). And yes, the breakfast was big and superb that I had a hard time ingesting anything during yumcha later. Thanks Carmen!

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