27 February, 2014

CD recommendation: Classical

CD Recommendations: Classical

CD/LPs I am playing now The Messiaen is stunningly recorded, brimming with details.
The Brahms is cleanly played, and balanced well.

CD/LPs I am playing nowCD/LPs I am playing nowCD
Yang has done it again, fresh looks at old works.

The Martzy - what a beautiful performance. It is not "hifi" but the violin sound is wonderful! The Haskil is excellent too.

CD/LPs I am playing nowTchaikovsky String Quartet In E Kopelman Quartet Wigmore Hall LiveLed by  the former leader of the Borodin Quartet, the immaculate playing that surpasses almost any current ensemble I know.

A great Bruckner set from little known forces.

Magnificent performance by young and gifted conductors!

CD/LPs I am playing nowThomas Larcher: Madhares
Engrossing new music with a rich tapestry. Not a boring moment and far from the bland ECM norm.

Wonderful new music that does not pale next to Schumann!



SACD I am Playing
I first made acquaintance with some of these performances thanks to the library. Finally I bought the set - quite a bit of listening to catch up with!

SACD I am playing
Even better than Rysanov (BIS) in Solo Bach, and the Reger pieces are wonderful! Click on pic for more info on this new release on new label Myrios.

SACD I am Playing
Wonderful original instrument Beethoven cycle

Wonderful performance and recording

17 February, 2014

Year of The Horse Paper Cut - Chinese Zodiac Horse by ChineseZodiacpic borrowed from here.

Happy Chinese New Year (Year of the Horse)

A belated Happy Chinese New Year to you all. After the dragon departed amid much firework (at least in China), it is the horse's turn. Among celebrities born in the year of the horse, I noted Chopin, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Sandra Day O'Connor, Rembrandt, Sir Isaac Newton and Leonard Bernstein! And I haven't forgotten about my dear mother.