06 October, 2015

HiFi Basics

Editor's Note: Back to Basics

Why does interest in audio fade? In my audio life, I have known many who have once immersed themselves deeply yet quit the hobby as suddenly as they began. Some have other overriding priorities, but I suspect the major reason in most cases is a lack of real underlying interest in music. As much as many audiophile practices ultimately become dispiriting, audiophile discs (now files too) under-nourishes the soul. In tandem they ensure a short audio life.

Direction At this stage in my life, although listening to music (and audio) gets low priority, in my heart I am as passionate about music as ever; therefore I doubt my interest in audio, as a tool to enhance the replay of music, shall ever go away. But as I have little time, make fewer purchases and home visits, there is less urgency to write about gears.

It has always been my belief that, for growth, writing/talking about audio is at least as important as "audio sessions", "A/B testing", and reading reviews, to mention just three. I have always wanted to write more on my Beliefs. This I shall start to do. I have also wanted to write more Overviews on brands that I like, but as it takes an enormous amount of research to write one of those, I doubt I have the time for many.

Labels Labeling is a very difficult thing. Unlike a review of a specific piece of gear, some topics (especially audio contemplation) resist easy classification. This Blog has a rarely used Label called HiFi Basics, which I have just now resolved to use for writing on my beliefs. There are older articles under this label, but newer ones shall get consecutive Roman numbers, starting with I in the next article.