06 October, 2015

HiFi Basics

Editor's Note: Back to Basics

Why does interest in audio fade? In my audio life, I have known many who have once immersed themselves deeply yet quit the hobby as suddenly as they began. Some have other overriding priorities, but I suspect the major reason in most cases is a lack of real underlying interest in music. As much as many audiophile practices ultimately become dispiriting, audiophile discs (now files too) under-nourishes the soul. In tandem they ensure a short audio life.

Direction At this stage in my life, although listening to music (and audio) gets low priority, in my heart I am as passionate about music as ever; therefore I doubt my interest in audio, as a tool to enhance the replay of music, shall ever go away. But as I have little time, make fewer purchases and home visits, there is less urgency to write about gears.

It has always been my belief that, for growth, writing/talking about audio is at least as important as "audio sessions", "A/B testing", and reading reviews, to mention just three. I have always wanted to write more on my Beliefs. This I shall start to do. I have also wanted to write more Overviews on brands that I like, but as it takes an enormous amount of research to write one of those, I doubt I have the time for many.

Labels Labeling is a very difficult thing. Unlike a review of a specific piece of gear, some topics (especially audio contemplation) resist easy classification. This Blog has a rarely used Label called HiFi Basics, which I have just now resolved to use for writing on my beliefs. There are older articles under this label, but newer ones shall get consecutive Roman numbers, starting with I in the next article.


  1. hi doc
    funny to read your note when i'm myself slowly wandering off audio and concentrating more on music. i seriously downsized the gear around and enjoy my records (both cds, files and Lps) with simpler and yes-cheaper, too equipment. small FDAs sound so terrific and are much easier to use, simplify connections, etc. at the end of the day, music remains and that's what matters to me.

    1. Indeed, I think we should reflect on why we were SO happy when we were young, with limited money for hifi, yet discovering all kinds of new and worthwhile music! Incidentally I can totally understand why streaming music has greatly outstripped downloading - young people are discovering more and more music that way.