26 September, 2012

Editor's Note: Lossless

Editor's Note: Lossless

That laughable CAS word that is a violation of the laws of thermodynamics. It doesn't take much to notice that, in our disintegrating planet, entropy relentlessly increases all the time, and there is nothing we can do about it. There is too much one doesn't know, and when it comes to audio, that is doubly true. Think of the CAS gurus (so many on the net) as religious fanatics, and what they believe in and expouse are based on faith rather than (what they think) reason.

In this edition of the Stereophile letter, veteran Steve Guttenberg's article is almost a lossless copy of what I have been saying for years and years:


20 September, 2012

Review: Pioneer BS-21-LR, Part III

Review: Pioneer SP-BS21-LR, Part III
Pioneer SP-BS22-LR

My Review, Part I
My Review, Part II

Strictly speaking, this is really not a review, but I just found that the SP-BS21-LR has just been replaced by the SP-BS22-LR.

I'd like to inform you that, while the older SP-BS21-LR can still be had, this new version has just received accolade from TAS. Don't you think TAS always lags behind Stereophile in discovering bargains? Even more informative is this must-read article in cnet. The revamped line is also well described in hometheater.about.com. I'd also like to say these articles should duly reinforce, for you, my confidence in and observations on the previous version.

If you look carefully, aside from the coverage in the links provided above, the revamped line now has only 1 bookshelf. Previously there were 2, the other being the larger SP-BS41-LR rave-reviewed by Stereophile (see my Part I for links).

The drivers are different looking. The woofer has less of an "adapted" look, while the tweeter has even more of a flare. The review in cnet stresses that the new SP-BS22-LR can play louder, which is great news indeed. Obviously, that obviated the need for the larger 41BS in the lineup.

Although I haven't heard the new SP-BS22-LR, I can recommend it with confidence! But don't you think the older version looks better? The new grill is hideous, if you ask me.