30 June, 2012

Letter from Robin in Taipei

Letter from Robin in Taipei
Editor: As you know, our friend Robin the Scott, the man who revived the Tascam R2R and stunned us with its sound, now lives in Taipei. Their magnificent residence sits atop beautiful Yangmingshan (a national park) and commands a panoramic view (click pics to enlarge). I received this email from him and took the liberty of publishing it

Robin wrote:

"...The transformation of our listening room on the 3rd floor here in Danshui is now more or less complete. See attached pics: it was formerly green (the colour of the bare boards we put up), but recently we had the walls and ceiling painted lime white (a big improvement.) 

There's about 15 cm of soundproofing material in place throughout the walls and ceiling, and all the windows are double-glazed -- but of course that just stops the noise getting out and disturbing the neighbours. The next phase will be to treat the internal room acoustics, using sound absorption panels. As you can imagine, one gets quite a lot of echo and bass standing waves in such a large listening space as this! I already have lots of fibre-glass boards lying around -- left over from the earlier construction work -- so it's just a question of finding the time to do this second part of the 3rd floor conversion. Should be lots of fun, though I will need to avoid over-damping the room's natural liveliness.

More fun here: http://www.drytech.com.tw/tape -- a Taipei company that I bought several dehumidifier cabinets to hold my R2R tapes in did an interview and photo session with me, to market their cabinets (I got a discount from them in return). as you'll see from the pics, I now have three R2R tape recorders. (One can't have too much of a good thing, etc.)

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