27 February, 2014

CD recommendation: Classical

CD Recommendations: Classical

CD/LPs I am playing now The Messiaen is stunningly recorded, brimming with details.
The Brahms is cleanly played, and balanced well.

CD/LPs I am playing nowCD/LPs I am playing nowCD
Yang has done it again, fresh looks at old works.

The Martzy - what a beautiful performance. It is not "hifi" but the violin sound is wonderful! The Haskil is excellent too.

CD/LPs I am playing nowTchaikovsky String Quartet In E Kopelman Quartet Wigmore Hall LiveLed by  the former leader of the Borodin Quartet, the immaculate playing that surpasses almost any current ensemble I know.

A great Bruckner set from little known forces.

Magnificent performance by young and gifted conductors!

CD/LPs I am playing nowThomas Larcher: Madhares
Engrossing new music with a rich tapestry. Not a boring moment and far from the bland ECM norm.

Wonderful new music that does not pale next to Schumann!



SACD I am Playing
I first made acquaintance with some of these performances thanks to the library. Finally I bought the set - quite a bit of listening to catch up with!

SACD I am playing
Even better than Rysanov (BIS) in Solo Bach, and the Reger pieces are wonderful! Click on pic for more info on this new release on new label Myrios.

SACD I am Playing
Wonderful original instrument Beethoven cycle

Wonderful performance and recording

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  1. Hello Dr. John,

    So lucky I found your comments on Concept TT in "Review33.com" - "窮人的 Schroeder" :-) I'll be in Frankfurt early April, maybe I can snag a good deal there. Look forward to the Precision Fidelity C-8 preamplifier review.