23 August, 2009

The Yumcha Diaries: 22/08/09

The Yumcha Diaries: 22/08/09 Simple is best

We all have heard many different types of setup. Some are so complicated, with no elements un-tweaked, yet so underwhelming, that one is forced to question why all the fuss. Some are so simple, yet effective. Happily, the setup this time belongs to the latter category. After yumcha, while whlee toiled away at the kitchen, 2 of use went for audition.

Previously, this setup was housed near the window, along the long wall. Due to the short listening distance, sound was compromised. After renovation, the setup is now placed properly and that made a BIG difference. The room is not ideal, almost 2:1 at ~11 ft x 20+ ft, yet there was absolutely no problem with the sound. This shows placement is good and perhaps the 2 side corridors are beneficial in this instance!

This is a rare (in our circle) implementation of a digital amp setup. The previous source, Wadia 8, developed a problem so the host is now temporarily using the digital output of the humble Marantz SA17-S1 SACD/CD player, surely not an ideal choice. This connects via a digital cable to a Lyngdorf digital preamp (with room correction). Then, again via a digital cable to a TACT integrated digital amplifier, which drives a pair of rear-ported Chario speakers.

Now, you may ask why the need for the Lyngdorf? That was because the host had severe booming problem in the previous setup and used the room correction capability to smooth out the problem. 斬腳趾避沙虫? Perhaps, but I'd not argue with that. Afterall, it's VERY common in our hifi world due to household constraints.

After some simple tweaking it was difficult to fault the sound, tonally balanced and with reasonably good micro-dynamics. The Chario's almost certainly need a bit more power than the TACT can provide. This is why the addiiton of the Lyngdorf preamp to the integrated amp sounds livelier than the TACT alone. As for the room correction, it seemed to be doing little and I prefered it off for more natural dynamics.

A simple setup that does justice to the music. The most important thing next is to get some proper stands.

Most impressive too was the collection of Japanese navy fleet models! Some tanks too!

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