18 December, 2009

The Yumcha Diaries: 12/12/09

The Yumcha Diaries: 12/12/09
From Spectator to Participant

Altogether eight people turned up, and we were glad to see some old friends showing up in sports suit and even sandals (in cold weather). No doubt the effect of the East Asian Games, which we watched on the screen. Given that there were children nearby, I was not sure of the propriety of these middle aged fellows commenting on every female figure. Some good looking girls in tracks! Well, just talk, there's little chance we could run after them...Another topic revolved around the turntable, and a certain "expert" who showed up to demonstrate, seemingly not too successfully. This generated a hot debate on "azimuth", cooled only by the water splashing on the screen and...naked flesh.

After yumcha, three of us went to sokps' familiar setup, which of course sounded somewhat different from a recent visit. Here's one brave soul who's never tired of tweaking. We concluded our visit with not one, but two versions of Saint Saens' organ symphony. After this, we all cramped into oozz' small but lovingly adorned place. His system as covered in The Yumcha Diaries 05/09/09 had undergone some changes. Given that he's primarily a vinyl user, he finally had to set aside his passive preamp, and a Pass Lab preamp resides in its place, for now. The sound was, as expected, excellent, and the speakers seemed a little more run-in though some residual tightness remained. oozz played for us various symphonic music, all well done, but when he took out Fremaux' famous Saint Saens, we all said no, enough organ music in one day. With sokps present, needless to say some tweaking (such as removal of absorbent material) were experimented. After a nice dinner, I went home but the rest proceeded to Happy Hour!

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