11 April, 2011

Divertimento 半日閒: Cherry Blossom

click on pics (Panasonic LX-1) to enlarge

半日閒: Cherry Blossom

Despite my apparent untidiness, I am rather compulsive at classification. Hence, when I started my Blogs, I created several in order to keep them apart. However, over time I have to admit I have limited time to substantially populate them all. As I focus mostly on audio and classical music, perhaps I should try to integrate my occasional musings on other matters into my main blogs. Here I shall call it Divertimento, a term harking back to the classicists. I hope occasionally a word or two just might relieve you from audio!

Today I'd like to share with you some pics I took of Cherry Blossom when we were in Washington DC in early April. It was a heavily overcast day, but the flowers were in full bloom. Not quite as the Japanese would have it (when the trees are exfoliating), but still quite a sight. The Tidal Basin is home to the Jefferson Memorial, tribute to one of America's most interesting presidents, whose attitude on and relationship with blacks have always been closely scrutinized by the American public. Also here is the new FDR memorial, a wonderful design by landscape architect Lawrence Halpern.

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