23 May, 2011

W3H1: Where can you buy that connector?

W3H1: Where can you buy that connector?

In hifi we sometimes are frustrated by unusual connectors. RCA and XLR are common and adaptors are easy to get (if not always of best quality), but we sometimes have unusual connectors for subs, various mini-XLR's, professional connectors for umbilical cord links, not to say firewire etc. It is often difficult to source these.

Indeed most often we don't even know the name of these connectors. How do you go about asking or searching on the net?

My Elekit 8230 and 8300 power supply use this type of (I presume) computer connectors. The male is already fitted onto the power transformer, and you only need to solder the female onto the appropriate voltage slot on the circuit board. Once soldered, the 7 pins would be very difficult to DE-solder and remove. Hence I was faced with the difficulty when I decided to take my 8300 to the USA. I didn't want to de-solder the connector from the existing 220V slot, and thought it would be easier to solder a new one onto the 110V slot.

My search was futile. Apliu Street didn't have it. I thought I should be able to find it in 華強, but wrong! I didn't want to order from RS or Mouser for such a small thing. Finally I asked the Elekit dealer in HK, cnamusic. They didn't have it, but Mr Lau was nice enough to request it from Elekit Japan. How nice of them to send it quickly! Many thanks to both cnamusic and Elekit!

Here in NYC, I spent less than 15 minutes making the conversion. The amp is singing beautifully with my horns!

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