10 October, 2011

CD Recommendation: Music for a Rainy Day, Sadness in the Soul

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CD Recommendation: Music for a Rainy Day
, Sadness in the Soul

This little article is dedicated to my friend Karma, whose spiritual learning and leaning has entertained, moved and enriched me.

For a while now, successive tropical storms had coursed around us. One day it was cool, the next muggy Indian summer. Finally, yesterday afternoon catharsis came in the form of a heavy downpour. The sky darkened and the air cooled. Sitting by the open balcony my whole being relaxed.

The 2 discs I played moved me deeply. Yes, they are superbly recorded, audiophile standard in fact, but the music is intensely private. They demand your total attention; more, they require you go on a journey together. It is not every day I can do that, so I was grateful for the rainstorm. Two hours later, I emerged cleansed and renewed, just as the air was fresh.

Valentin Silvestrov's music has always stimulated me. Unlike many modern compositions, they always feel logical in their progression, and along the way one finds much breathtaking beauty. Symphonies Nos. 4 and 5 here are widely embracing in their discourse, spellbinding in peroration. Meticulous performances.

Peteris Vasks is not as well known as his fellow countryman Arvo Part, whose music I follow advidly. Previously I have listened to small bits of Vasks, but nothing moved me nearly as deeply as this superb Wergo disc. Both the title work, Viatore, and Musica Adventus are for string orchestra, and I cannot imagine Arvo Part lovers not equally taken to them. The CD booklet mentioned that "...Flaubert once said that enjoyment of genuine beauty leaves behind a feeling of sadness in the soul, and this feeling is present here in great abundance. .." I cannot agree more.

Enjoy the youtubes!

Vasks' Viatore for string orchestra:

Vasks' Musica Adventus:

Silvestrov's Symphony No. 5:


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