25 December, 2011

In Memory of Those We Loved and Lost

In Memory of Those We Loved and Lost

This article is dedicated to our friend feikeung

The Yumcha Diary: December 24th, 2011
Backlogged, seriously backlogged. There are so many articles in the mental pipeline, but so little time for execution, particularly at this time of the year. I console myself that I can allow myself to be backlogged in my writing, but not in meeting with friends. On this day, still reeling from AL's party the previous night, I was delighted to find JCR33 has brought his lovely wife to the table, and she took quite a few wonderful pics of us!

Once in a while, late in a yumcha session, the waitress would come by saying there is someone on the phone looking for people from an audiophile gathering. Of course, that could only have come from our eccentric friend feikeung. Mind you, he has my cell number; yet he prefers this more grandiose method!

So, in mid-afternoon, feikeung materialized in front of us. Conversation was immediately energized, and there was considerable controversy on the origin of his latest moniker, bigcircleson, transliterated from Cantonese vernacular 大圈仔。After research, I found out our friend k.c. was absolutely correct in everything!

From the wikipedia entry on the 1984 HK classic gangster movie《省港旗兵 : "...電影名稱中「旗兵」指紅旗派中的紅衛兵,因劇中匪幫曾為紅衛兵。戲內常稱呼之「大圈仔」其實指來自廣州的人;因之前中國出版之地圖將人口過百萬之特大城市以三個同心圓圈為標誌..." (more info on Baidu)

In Memory of Those We Loved and Lost
During conversation, I found out feikeung had just lost his elder sister this past September. As one who had lost his sister (in 2007) I empathize.

This Chinese ink cartoon by my sister is one of her best works, and fit for the holiday season. Today I just browsed through all her drawings and paintings, and remember her.

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