21 February, 2012

CD Recommendation: Bach Guitar Concertos

Although Bach did not write any concerto for the guitar, he did compose solo works for similar instruments. Given that Bach did much transcription, I think the concept behind this album is quite valid.

Yang Xuefei is a shining star whose albums frequently bring something new, necessary for re-rejuvenating the tired classical guitar world. In this album, she did transcriptions of mainly Bach works for strings. The reduction of the orchestra into a string quartet works surprisingly well. The Elias String Quartet is a young and wonderful foursome that I have followed since their excellent Wigmore Hall CD release (available from the HK Public Library). The collaboration is wonderful. Sound is good.

You can sample all tracks at EMI's Official Page.

Here are some youtube's of this album (top: promo; bottom: Concerto in A minor-1st movement):

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