25 March, 2012

Letter from UK 2012 (1) Chester

Letter from UK 2012 (1) Chester I

Greetings from Chester UK!

I brought great weather to this part of town. Since I arrived, the sun just followed me wherever I went. Where I stay is tranquil and comfort to the soujourner, if myself the infrequent traveller can be called one, and at  this stage I am more of one in my hifi journey than real life.

This is still mostly fairy book and picturesque England, yet this tourist town is quite sophisticated and very friendly when it comes to foreigners. I chuckled in delight when I saw the "Roman soldiers" giving a guided tour to little kids clad in fake armor. Easter signs are everywhere. There is a special "Alice in Wonderland" show somewhere. Somehow, I like the preservation of innocence of a bygone era. Much more palatable than Asians dressed as Mickey Mouse in Asian Disneylands! Kids are lucky here.

Walking around the center of town was a delight. I bought an LP from the local OXFAM shop, but didn't have much luck otherwise. The pictured record store is huge but caters only to pop music.

As usual, I don't eat out much, but lunch at the French Chez Jules was a bargain. Later, before I headed home I had a pint of local ale and it proved even more special; I delight in tasting unheard-of varieties. Not warm, but slightly cool, perfect. Great beer! Real Ale!

But the best was walking along the Canal. Quay-side bars are but one sign of rejuvenation. I do wish I had a better camera!


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