22 May, 2013

Talk CAS: My Latest Desktop System: KEF LS50

Talk CAS: My Latest Desktop System: KEF LS50
Review: KEF LS50, Part III

posted from the UK

Since I still do not have a pair of proper stands, for quite a while I had been using the KEF LS50 rather casually in my "Go To" system, with great satisfaction (write-up here). However, I did briefly experiment with different placement (see last article below).

One fine day I re-organized my desktop. You can find some of my previous desktop incarnations under the label Talk CAS. The new arrangement allows the speakers to be further apart. Still using iTunes PC USB out to Dared MP-5, I slotted the KEF in and within a few notes knew that was the best I had even had for the desktop:

Coherence Given the close distance of the desktop, speakers struggle to be coherent. The KEF coaxial drivers no doubt give greater coherence than the others I have tried (and they were famous speakers, including Yamaha NS-10M, LS3/5A, amongst others).

Soundstage was also more expansive than previous iterations.

Bass The rear-ports have a few inches' clearance at the back and in this setting the bass line remains superbly clear and surprisingly hefty, in a different league altogether. No "subs" needed!

I know it is extravagant to be using the LS50 in the Desktop system, but they perform so well that I am leaving them in there. The electronics and my computer shall be upgraded in the foreseeable future.

p.s. I won't forget to get some proper stands at some point to try out these in the LR.

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