03 January, 2014

Happy New Year - 2013 in Review

Happy New Year 2014 - 2013 in Review

As I grow older, and hopefully wiser, I have come to appreciate why facets of time never ceased to intrigue countless philosophers and writers. How did 2013 pass? My perception varies even as I start to think about it. Personally 2013 was a very full year; audio-wise much less so. Briefly:

Most Notable Event of the Year:
  • My acquisition of the Pioneer/TAD TD-3401. After the preliminary report I had the opportunity to listen to it a little more on two occasions. Every time I marveled at the presence, speed and power they deliver. They simply cannot be ignored! My jazz-fanatic friend Andrew came by one day and was smitten by it.
Best Buy
  • Micromega MyDAC This small DAC delivers truly high-end sound. No wonder it received so many accolades. I'd also watch out for the rest of the My components. I think I am going to buy too the phonoamp MyGroov. Watch this space.
  • Dayton Audio B652 Not perfect, but quite amazing for the price.Its vitality shames many high-end products.
  • Nagra BPS and iFi iPhono For the price, the exceptionally quiet iPhono is surprisingly versatile, and deserves a Best Buy rating in an instant. The much more expensive Nagra BPS does not appear so at first glance, but its exceptional sound and built quality more than qualifies.
Acknowledgement: The year began happily: it was a sunny day and I enjoyed a long brunch with friends. I'd like to thank Andrew and Jane for hosting the event and, more so, for the attention and consideration they have so generously given me over the past year.

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