23 February, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year of the Goat

Image result for year goatHappy Chinese New Year of the Goat

Again, Happy New Year!

I spent mine with family. During a stolen moment I got to play a little music for myself. At first I put on the Bartok Quartet #5 (Harmonia Mundi; Arcantro Quartet) but that seemed to be at odds with the moment. I decided on something more grand. So Bruckner it was to be. But which one? I quickly decided on my first encounter, the third.

Image result for celibidache bruckner 3Celibidache, what magnificence! The symphony unfolded naturally, leisurely, yet with immense power. That is promising, for the year to come.

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  1. 恭喜發財!身體健康!祝你羊年音樂音響大豐收!!