19 March, 2015

Review: Elekit TU-8500 Full-Function Preamp, Part IV

Review: Elekit TU-8500 Full-Function Preamp, Part IV

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Bit of Tube and Opamp Rolling

I managed to squeeze a little time to go back to the old house to get more tubes. Equipment is as listed in Part II, but below are impressions of tube and opamp rolling.

Line: 6201 vs 5965 I swapped in 2x clear-top GE 6201 (white letter) for the 5965. While the extra energy of the 5965 came back, the bass was better controlled. No microphony. However, I missed the refinement of the 6189 (see Part II), as the GE 6201, by no means a top tube in the T7 family, sounded a little coarse here.

Oh MercyPhono: OPA227P vs NJR2068 Victor had sent me 2x OPA2227P, which I installed. Believe it or not, this marked my first time rolling opamps (a tube man is busy enough as is). Playing the same Oh Mercy LP, I thought the proceedings became a little tidier. It seems this is a worthwhile investment for very little outlay. Recommended.

Then it is back home to Systems B and C
I reinstalled the 5965, and for some reason there was much reduced microphonics. Maybe run-in reduces it (though I have never heard of that)?

For the moment, the system makes beautiful music, and I am content to let it be.

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