03 January, 2017

Editor's Note: Problems with Setting the Page, Error Messages

Editor's Note: Problems with Setting the Page, Error Messages
Letter from NYC (60) 2016 (16)

For quite a long time now, I am having problems writing and revising my Blog:
  • Usually there is not a problem the first time I write (except when occasionally pasting a picture).
  • Problems with Revising a Post or Column From the second time on, when I alter the layout, change links, paste pics, cut and paste, etc. often I 'd get an ERROR Message about incompatibility of http with https. Like this:
  • This page contains HTTP resources which may cause mixed content affecting security and user experience if blog is viewed over HTTPS. 
  • I can DISMISS and store or publish, but sometimes I get bizarre results that I cannot rectify no matter how many times I re-set or re-type:
  1. Problems with Fonts and Font Size Whole passages can be resized, usually to a smaller type. Sometimes italicized. I cannot over-ride this no matter how I try to re-write. Scroll down to my Dahlquist DQ20 article - many of the small prints are not by design!
  2. Problems with Font and Background Color Sometimes I cannot get what I want. The passage in question will get a color used somewhere else in the article. Scroll down to my JBL L20T article - the light grey background of many paragraphs are not wanted!
  3. Alignment Problems Look at my equipment list. Some paragraphs have unwanted indentations.
I am not a computer savvy person, so any help would be much appreciated. If you can help, please post under Comment!


  1. Hi John, been a fan for your blog for a couple of years. I am a programmer, so if you need help, email me and we can chat. Personally I would have migrated to Wordpress.com - free, lots of other features with no hassles. Let me know if you are interested.

  2. Also, no need to publish for others to see. Just contact me by email at tinwai.joseph.lee@gmail.com