02 June, 2018

Tannoy News Arden Legacy Series

pic shows Tannoy Arden.

Tannoy News: Prestige and Legacy Products

As a long time Tannoy Canterbury user I have written quite a bit on the Tannoy Prestige series (sample this Overview) and retain interest in other large Tannoy loudspeakers.

Recently I discovered a few excellent articles in Taiwanese media that cover the current Tannoy products. The  Taiwanese magazines always have in-depth coverage and boast great pictures.

If you don't read Chinese, you may still want to browse the pictures or use a translator.

九十年老店重振旗鼓-訪Tannoy國際業務總監 (U-Audio 2017 Interview with Head of Global Sales, Lifestyle Products, Jamie O'Callaghan). This article covers Tannoy in general (including its much larger professional division) and once again dispels rumors and confirm that their Prestige and Legacy products are very much made in Scotland.

復刻經典的Legacy系列-專訪Tannoy國際業務總監 (On Tannoy's new incarnations of the Legacy Series). This article is on the new incarnations of the famous Legacy series, successors to the HPD, which now comprises 3 models (Arden, Cheviot, Eaton). This is excellent news, as these are considerably cheaper than the models in the Prestige series. The Arden is most interesting - I'd love to hear it. This topic is also covered in audionet.


  1. Hi doctor John, I have experience with the Prestige series and I completely agree with you: they are on my list of best speakers, in my view a bit of a hybrid in a sense between 2-way and single driver combining the advantage of both. The reissued Eaton, Arden, etc look really interesting and wondering what to expect can a similar sized prestige. Looking-forward to your thoughts on a future article.

    1. Glad to hear from you again.

      Not sure whether I'll get a chance to hear the Arden except at the dealer's, which unfortunately is not particularly good sounding (as they use Esoteric and Accuphase, which imho are not good partners).