08 August, 2018

Western Electric 41 42 43, 86, 143, 597, 750 Lansing 285 and much more

The Best Sound I have ever heard: Western Electric, of course

Although in the heat of removal, through my good friend WSS I finally managed to visit the setups of
HK's Western Electric "Godfather", known as Monsieur Chateau Cheval Blanc (which he once enjoyed drinking), and was it an eye opener!

Given my other dealines, this article will take some months to write, but to tempt you I am posting the pictures. The descriptions shall come later.

What I can say, and want to say, is that this man really knows his stuff. The large space was the best simulation of the theater I have ever heard. The sound has no weakness in any department, yet replete with all the sinuous WE qualities I hold dear. From a whisper to a full cry, every cut was a new experience.

Neumann Cutting Lathe used as Turntable! 

WE 41/42/43

WE 46, EMT, Verdier idling. Note Hartley 24" used as subwoofer

Rare Lansing (pre-Altec) Field Coil Woofers and 285 Compression Driver. Yes, tweeter is fabled WE 597, the real thing.

Idling WE Surplus

Part of Field Coil amps

By far The Best Home Theater I have ever heard

WE 750 as Center

Center Driven by WE 86 (with 300A!!!); Wilson by WE 143 

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