19 February, 2010

Talk Vinyl: Futuristic and Miniature LP Devices

Vinyl Talk:
Futuristic and Miniature LP Devices

On the train from Guangzhou to Shenzhen I was reading the train magazine. Imagine my surprise when I noticed coverage of a LP device by Korean designer Rhea Jeong called the Void. Although this is a concept design I think in the future it may be feasible.

The Void was said to be based on The Vinyl Killer, a VW toy car with built in stylus, amp and speaker (click this also). Don't play your treasured records! I think I may get one just to trash a few records. This is already a cult classic. What's even more stunning was an art installation called Yokomono (also click here). Stunning!

While researching I came across yet another elegant concept design called the Linos. Too bad it's still a concept.

Returning to earth, I found something that is more practical. The Crosley Revolution Portable Turntable shall be available soon. I am definitely going to get one. imagine, you can bring it to CAS people's house, to show that CAS really does not live up to old analogue vinyl sound!

Below is a fun youtube of the Vinyl Killer

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