30 January, 2011

Talk Vinyl: Analog is Chic!

Ron Arad, Concrete Stereo, 1983

Talk Vinyl: Analog is Chic!

Analogue has always been chic, but the digital people, particularly the hi-res CAS people, don't know what is chic at all. Artists do, however, and there are more and more artworks on Analogue themes.

Witness this exhibition, referred to me by by audiophile/photographer friend Leong Ka Tai:

Art Show titled Analog at Riflemaker (a gallery)

Make sure you download the entertaining book Analog and look at what artists do with turntables.

If you surf around, there are a huge number of artworks using turntables, LP's, tape decks, tube amplifiers and miscellaneous hifi equipment. Nothing as dull as hi-res files!

My favorite so far is Sean Duffy's The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (pictured below). I found it reading this excellent article on artworks using turntables. Quote:

"...For a 2006 show at Susanne Vielmetter in L.A., artist Sean Duffy sliced apart and spliced together three different turntables to create his Frankenstein piece, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, named after the classic 1966 Sergio Leone spaghetti western. Duffy spun the film’s Ennio Morricone score using all three tone arms at once, the different starting points chasing each other sonically around the record. The result is an eerie atmospheric sound, like old records coming back to haunt us..."

Visit also this site to see more of Sean Duffy's works.

left pic: Sean Duffy's The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This work impresses me greatly. For me, it has something of the cubists (many musical instruments in their works) in it. Ingenious!

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  1. Wow, it looks like Fred Flintstone's turntable. :)