02 February, 2011

Editor's Note: Happy New Year!

Traditonal Paper Cut

Today is Chinese New Year, one of few holidays taken by hard-working Chinese. Billions in China don't get any days off during the year except during this period (and the National Day). It is traditional to employ a lot of red color in the celebrations.

This year is Year of the Rabbit, which some say may be a little rockier than usual.

The world is plagued by finicky weather, which has wreaked havoc's in many lands. But my heart truly goes out to the peoples in the Arab world, who are struggling for a better tomorrow. My generation of Chinese had gone through the gut-wrenching days of 1989, and could empathize with the struggles there.

In the 1980's, my Arab-American friend and I made two trips to that part of the world, and visited Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Israel and the West Bank. I'd never forget the beauty of the lands and the friendliness of the peoples. I'd never forget the beautiful Chinese porcelain from the Qing dynasty displayed in a Syrian museum that was formerly a nobleman's house. The world was smaller than we think in the OLD days. Nor would I forget the indignities my friend had to endure at the Israeli immigration, purely because of his last name.

Looking at the Flag Counter, I see a few visits from the Arab countries. I hope the 2 visitors from Egypt will get to read this and are doing well, and best wishes. Likewise for the visitors from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon and Kuwait.

The world is definitely getting smaller. We are not only watching, we are concerned. I wish you all a happy year of the rabbit!


pic: A Hundred Blessings 百福圖

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