20 August, 2012

Preview: Sony BDP-S190, Part I

Preview: Sony BDP-S190,Part I

This machine looks good. The chassis is plastic though it can fool you into thinking it's aluminum. When I set out to remove the top, I was shocked to find out that the "chassis" is not bolted on, rather snapped into the metal bottom! Not a screw! You should take care bending the fragile plastic!

此機外形漂亮,但看似鋁的機殼是塑膠,且容易花。最離譜的是,機殼與金屬機身是扣上的 (用右方的母扣和左方的公扣),沒用一顆螺絲。拆除的時候要小心。

Half the internal space is occupied by the mechanism. The rest is divided between the ubiquitous switch-mode power supply and the small main board stuffed with surface mount components.

機内光頭佔了 1/2 的位置;簡單的 Switch Mode 電源 1/4;主綫路板 1/4,全 SM 零件。

The main board had a metal piece silicon-glued to the main IC. I guess this facilitates heat dissipation and perhaps also performs shielding duties. I did not remove it to look under.

主綫路板上鎖了個金屬片,中心陷下去的地方是用來散熱的,粘在 IC 上,故此沒法拆除,不能看清楚下面。

The sound is crystal clear. report later.

聲音初步印象比較高清,但絕對不差,稍后會和 DVP-PR50P 比較。

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  1. Dr John, thanks for your information and awaiting your comparison report. My DVP-PR50P served as transport which is as good as my Sony XA-50es except that no display was built.