25 August, 2012

The Day We Forgot About HiFi

pics courtesy JCR33
The Yumcha Diaries 飲茶後記 : 25-08-2012
The Day We Forgot About HiFi and concentrated on Geishas 大圈仔巧遇藝妓

It was all arranged. Our old chief JCR33 was once again in town. We were also delighted by the appearance of our dear friend feikeung, aka on9keung, aka bigcircleson. After yumcha, a few of us went to agentsmittie's place for some upshot coffee.

JC brought over several specialty coffees, the names of which I can hardly remember, but the name Geisha did stick. agent toiled hard in the kitchen, supervised by master JC and observer mahi and leben. I had three shots, all very nice: the very unusual Geisha came first (I must say the taste complies with the name), then a somewhat acidic Brazilian, followed by my favorite, an Ethiopian.

It would not be an afternoon with feikeung without some booze. I bought some cheap (but decent) Bordeaux from the supermarket. feikeung, k.c. and I finished two bottles and another sparkling. I hope we made feikeung happy!

When Vitus meets 47 Lab
I am sorry to say that I was so involved in the coffee-going and feikeung's exposition on the universe that I completely neglected the audio setup:

Source: CAS (Macbook iTunes/Pure Music/built-in hidden LAN lines to Mac Mini)
DAC: dCS Debussy (USB connection to CAS)
Amp1: Vitus Audio Signature SS-010
Amp2: 47 Lab 4706 Gaincard and 4700 Power Humpty (on loan from mahi)
Loudspeakers: Living Voice OBX-R2 (speaker cable Kondo KSL-SPc)
The setup was a bit different from my last visit, but the sound was definitely bigger and better. The Vitus was warm sounding (its first watts in pure class A) but personally I preferred the more direct and lithe sound of 47 Lab.

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