28 September, 2013

2013 TAA Taiwan 23rd International Hi-End Audio Show

2013 TAA Taiwan 23rd International Hi-End Audio Show 臺灣第23屆國際HI-END音響展報導

Published by Taiwan Audionet magazine (no relationship to hifi brand)(link here)

The blog report is of course in Chinese, but if you don't know the language you can still enjoy the huge number of photos uploaded. The report is so extensively cross-referenced that you have to take steps to prevent duplicating page visits.

The easiest way would be to go down page-by-page (tab on top of report, and on right-hand side). First pages show the setting up of rooms; opening ceremony is on page 16/51, and so on...

Scroll down past the location map and you'll see some tables. On the left are room numbers and you can click on them. This is useful if you want to see a particular dealer (names in Chinese, center column). On the right are links to various editors' recommendations.

It is vast and the pics take forever to load. Good luck!

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