08 September, 2013

Editor's Note: Back!

Editor's Note: Back!

Hello folks, it has been a while. Two plus months of not posting is atypical of me, and some of you got to be wondering.

While it is true that I have been preoccupied by more urgent matters, there was another reason for the absence: my aged computer, with its lamented Windows XP, died on me in March, before leaving for the USA. Could not even turn it on. Until help arrive, And I don't know whether it was just a power supply issue, or worse...I do hope the hard disc has survived as I have valuable photos and other material (like my entire iTunes library) trapped inside. Should give you second thoughts about CAS, right?

Back from the US, I finally replaced it with a cheap i3-1TB Dell Inspiron. I opted for the Windows 7, but am still not quite used to it. It is a pain to set up everything again, but a real desktop is still infinitely preferable to the small notebooks and smartphones I had been using to check mail and get by (when I am in Shenzhen, I use only a Lenovo smartphone). I wonder how many people manage to write something meaningful using a touch pad. I can't. It is hard enough to make a call using a smartphone! The phone may be "smart", but a person addicted to using it usually is not!

You may have noticed my "Coming Attractions" section. I use it as a reminder for myself on what to write about. Believe it or not, I have an article in my mind on each item there, but execution is another story.

Mid-Autumn is celebrated by the Chinese with an important Festival (second only to the New Year). Hence the old rabbit, still much lovelier than all the vulgarity that pass for art during this period.

Greetings to you all. 中秋節快樂!

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