31 July, 2020

Western Electric 49 124 LS5/1A

Click pics to enlarge. Wow! Western Electric and LS5/1! Green with Envy! Left, WE 49, used as Preamp.

Virtual Home Visits (13): Western Electric and LS5/1A

Your host today is Mila, a member of icefox's entourage. You first met him in 2018, when the icefox crowd came to my place for some bluetooth activity (here). I actually visited him at his home to listen to his LS5/1A. That's right, another pair of this rare gem (see write up on Jules' pair; also Home Visit (8)). Like Jules too, Mila fell under the spell of Western Electric.

Mila operates a Hair Salon in a trendy area. Guess what's special about the place?

Note the couch and single ESL57 are by the window opening to the street. Would be nice to sit there and have a drink! Note too the poster is for what many film critics all over the world have included in their best ever list, Wong Kar Wai's In the Mood for Love (wiki), an authentic remembrance for a bygone Hong Kong (I can swear to its authenticity, especially the conductor's Shanghaiese elements).

The Youtube below is what icefox heard on the ESL. It is Yumeji's Theme, used throughout the film, originally from another Japanese film. Note Maggie Cheung's dress is called the qipao,(wiki), commonly worn by women in those days (including my mother). It is sad that it is almost a relic today, especially since I think they are particularly suited to the physique of Chinese ladies.

 WE124. Garrard 301; SME 3012/Shure M3D; Gray/Mono GE

Above, YS Audio Phono and WE 91A Repeat Coil Transformers

 Rogers JR149, Quad ESL 57


  1. The ESL57 play this clips with great mood! https://youtu.be/Rj4lhCRaDyc

  2. It looks like WE does not resonate well in a "cheaptubeaudio" blog! Well shall we go into the discussion of using relatively cheap non-WE tube in WE metal?

    1. Well, I have always maintained that even generic tubes can convey most of the WE magic. Looks like Mila is doing that.What do you think?

      Well, WE is just too exotic for most of the readers indeed. So far away.