01 September, 2010

Editor's Note 主编的话: Re-Vamping this Site 重新分類

Editor's Note 主编的话: Re-Vamping this Site 重新分類

After more than a year I have been continuously re-thinking this audio Blog, on how to make it more useful, and accessible. I have now re-edited the labels of all posts (label is a tag at the end of the post, and listed alphabetically in the middle of the right-hand column). I have simplified things but added some new labels that I hope shall be useful to readers. Some brief notes on the new labels:

Brand- Under this I label articles that mention the said brand. For example, if I mentioned Magnepan driven by ARC I'd attach the labels Brand-Magnepan and Brand-ARC. Some articles are in detail, others are just brief mentions. Some articles are very long and touches upon too many brands and I cannot include everything. Remember there is still the Search function, which allows you to search for every word in every article!

Review While a product that has a tag Brand-something can only be a brief mention, under the Review label I classify articles that go in depth on certain products.

Overview- This is a series in which each article gives a detailed overview of many products of a certain brand or tube or whatever. See the Sonic Frontier article just under this note. I hope to write more Overviews in the future, on brands that I have used a lot, like ARC, and on more obscure brands, like ICL and Micromega etc, on which there are little info on the net.


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