03 September, 2010

Review: SONUS FABER Electa Amator II

Review: SONUS FABER Electa Amator II

I have long been familiar with this speaker, and with most other models in the family. A good colleague and later a friend both had the EA I, which some preferred as it sported the Esotar tweeter. However, although the I mated better with solid states the more open nature of II can be even more of an asset with II.

My journey with SF started with the Concertino, a marvelous entry model. Later, I had the rather unique Signum, which I regret selling up to this date. Recently I came across this immaculate pair of EA II with original stands, and bit. Not cheap, but worth every penny.

These are even better than I thought. Previously I heard them with ARC LS5/VT70 (very good) and Pathos. Now I mated them with ARC SP9 (or BAT VK5i on loan) and Marantz 8B. Hooked up with no-nonsense cables (which makes all the difference, believe me) the sound is astonishing. Detailed, big, bold, yet refined. Even more impressive than a single violin's tone is the peerless conveyance of massed strings, which most expensive speakers fail to deliver. Even if I switched to an NAD it remains mesmerizing. Overall dynamics and power is awesome, though always delivered naturally. You can put this up next to a stat and not fear.

The best “bookshelf” I have yet heard. This is really a more manageable version of Extrema, quite similar in design.

p.s. I know a lot of people use SF with ss amps. That’s a mistake. SF can do a lot better. As for those who say these are difficult to drive, you just laugh!


  1. HI!

    I just came across a pair of SF EA2.
    but i was wondering or the price is correct (=2200 euro)
    i still think it's a lot of money for a +10yr old model in very good condition.
    2nd question is, i read a lot about the fact these beauties are craving for power. I have a 2x40W Prima Luna Prologue 2 amp.
    Whats your opinion?

    thnx, stefan

  2. The second-hand value of classic SF speakers, like the Electa Amator, Extrema etc just go up and up. If it is in great shape buy with confidence. Enjoy it now and (if you want) sell it later for not a cent less.

    My Marantz 8B does very well. The Prima Luna may be adequate with KT88 but it is an integrated amp after all. But it will likely be serviceable if your room is not really huge.

  3. I am using SF EA 2 with Sun Audio 300B mono ( 14 watts ). No issue, nice sounding.

    thanks,patrick ( Singapore )

  4. AnonymousJuly 11, 2012

    Nice to see a current review on this excellent SF loudspeaker. I have been a long time SF fan. My journey with the brand started with the Concerto Home. I currently use the EA II with Primare SS.

  5. AnonymousMay 08, 2014

    Very good speaker indeed, i run them on an Accuphase E405, and they sound really good. What is important is that you place them at least 50 cm from the wall, otherwise you get a boomy bass.

    Greetings Willem.

  6. Ah, E405! Now, those OLD Accuphase are REAL champs among SS amps! I used to have an even earlier E-204 and still regret selling that. Have fun!

  7. The E-204 drove the harder-to-drive ATC20 very well: