03 September, 2010

Review: NAD 4020A AM/FM tuner

Review: NAD 4020A AM/FM tuner
After I got my wonderful NAD 315BEE integrated amp, now in constant use in my study, I started looking for some other NAD stuff, perhaps with an eye towards building a cheap all-NAD system, just for fun. I ran into this very old 4020A tuner by chance, available at a very low price (as usual for non-famous old tuners). After doing a little homework on the internet, I decided to buy this tuner, which is 老到掉牙,又残又“薯”.

I live in 八乡,not too far from the 石岗 military airport. Reception for RTHK4, the only station I listen to, in this area is notoriously bad (I think for military reasons). I have tried a lot of tuners and previously the best result I got was from an old Magnum Dynalab FT-11. However, the FT-11 is prone to interference from the noise generated by my computer in my study and I have long disconnected it.

I was very very surprised by the performance of this cheap tuner. Its reception is every bit as good as the FT-11, but its RF rejection is several magnitudes better. With just rabbit-ears, I still have to use MONO, but everything is steady. The sound is slightly euphonic, but rich and clear.

Finally, I am able to enjoy quiet RTHK4! My CD player is getting less air time!

This one may not look as good as the famous 412 I used to own, not to say the more recent remote-controllable models, but it's almost certainly better.


  1. I agree...I also bought a NAD amp and then went searching for a good tuner for the set up..I tried the 4125 digital tuner first and found it to me average, and then I tried a 4155 that I read someone claimed was the best tuner they ever had...i should have asked what their collection consisted of I guess...hahaha So.. I did do something I usually don't do and had a tech give it the once over. he found one top hat cap that was bad in it but that's all and the allignment...Being analog I think helps because I primarily listen to talk radio on AM and a couple distant stations about 50 miles away from me and this tuner can get them (now) OK enough to listen to them, however at night there is too much signal and I have to fiddle with the ferite rod and antenna wire to calm it down. The local stations on AM come in strong. FM is really good. There are a couple stations that I like and one is a tough one for most receivers and tuners...This one can do it quite well.. I have tried many receivers and tuners (under 500. dollars) and have to say that this one is in the top 3..My old Lafeyette LR series receivers and my Allied receivers are the only ones that can get better or equal reception. yes...Lafeyette and Allied...cheapo units, but killers at pullin them in!!!! If you have the chance to buy the NAD 4020A under 100. bucks do it...

  2. I really don't know much about receivers , amplifiers, speakers ,digital delay. The NAD receiver was given to me so I figured I would jam some music. I put together some speakers and wired them into the NAD RECIEVER but you had to hold the speaker to your ear to hear anything It has no volume control and what does a digital delay or is its purpose ? If any can help me with my issues it Would be most deeply appreciated . You can reach me at sturges892@gmail.com

    1. Don't quite understand enough to reply.

  3. I agree. The 4020 whatever it's the a or b model, will give you great value for money. I was a audiophile on a budget so for me, the 3020 was the obvious choice for an amp to begin with and I couldn't be more happy, and I'm a keen radio listener and Nad made the 7020 but poor workmanship meant I broke quiet a lot and I didn't want to sell my 3020 so the 4020 was the obvious choice for me. I got it recapped and all new light bulbs and I sounds amazing and still does.