29 September, 2010

Site Visits: cnamusic and Elekit

Site Visits: cnamusic (Elekit)

cna is now distributor for Japan's Elekit, one of my favorite kit companies (primarily a toy company though). Commendably, for some items they offer kits at reasonable prices, for DIYers and starters. For some items, only fully assembled items are available. The room is comfortable. The Elekit speakers to my ears do not sound as balanced as the cheap Tannoy's behind. Sound is otherwise quite decent.

cna is primarily a distributor for various (mostly hifi) music labels (many obscure). The Elekit is just a very small sideline for fun. Both Mr 伍 and Mr 劉 are very helpful.

You are welcome to bring your own CD for audition, but NOT pirates and CD-R's! I went to hear the limited edition TU-8300 (top shelf right). Report later

cna (Elekit)
Elekit official website

WhenI have time I shall do an Elekit overview.

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